SEO trainings

SEO Tranings

If you are traying to find fresh view on SEO strategy and if you would like to fit this strategy to product-specific Omnichannel approach you are in the right place.

Based on several years of experience in digital business we have built unique and flexible education model. The model is developed to boost SEO strategy and tactics but above all, to give a picture of how we can integrate all digital channels to optimize campaigns and increase both traffic and conversion.

What we can offer?

  • One BIG complex portfolio of topics with profound expertise.
  • Two different training paths – open and personalized.
  • Three different levels – basic, intermediate, advanced.
  • Four ways of delivery – online, offline… OK that’s ‘only’ two, but we are very flexible.

 Let’s check what personalized trainings scope is

  1. How to develop customized strategy, operations and tactics.
  2. How to set up goals and objectives.
  3. Holistic analysis – how to measure SEO in context of Omnichannel approach.
  4. Market analysis including competitor’s insight.
  5. Best Practices and Black Hat in SEO. Fundamentals of white hat tactics and Black Hat.
  6. How to plan and create efficient activities and avoid prohibited tactics.
  7. Strategies and best practices in content marketing.
  8. How to develop efficient content funnels.
  9. The best way of collecting 1st party data.

 SEO Standard Trainings scope

  1. How to establish SEO Goals and Objectives
  2. Google algorithm the key parameters
  3. Technical optimization process, how to improve websites parameters
  4. Content and Content Marketing optimization tactics
  5. Link profiles, acquisition and tactics
  6. Recommended SEO tools set
  7. How to distinguish myths from SEO facts, black and white SEO

What you can expect?

  1. You will learn the details that affect the visibility of your site on Google
  2. How to measure efficiency in SEO and how SEO and other channels interfere each other
  3. You will measure efficiency at every stage of the process.
  4. You will recognize effective tactics and efficient strategy
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