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SEO campaign and strategy implementation

We are passionate about SEO! We run campaigns in European countries and have experience with projects carried out across the Americas. Our team is confident that we can help you grow your business by using effective strategies for online marketing, such as keyword research or content generation-whatever it takes to rank at the top of Google's search list.

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PPC, Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns

You're in luck! We've got a team of experts who specialize in Google Ads and Facebook campaigns. They'll make sure your brand is visible for years with their cohesive strategy to maximize ROAS (return on ad spend).


Marketing Automation and CRM

If you are looking for an expert in the field of Marketing Automation and CRM, you've come to the right place. We support our clients in the selection of CRM and MA systems. We help in the implementation of correct settings and support them in their daily optimization.The most important elements within the scope of support are customer service, User Journey, MA, and CRM


Web analytics in Google Analytics

The implementation of Google Analytics, the e-commerce module, and the use of Google Tag Manager are areas in which we feel great. Correct measurement enables a factual assessment of marketing expenses. Don't let chance and subjective judgment jeopardize your business.We will create a GA or GTM account for you. We will implement funnels, goals, e-commerce modules, and other dedicated activities.

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Customers opinion

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    Marcin has been a true asset to our team.  We had tried many SEO agencies in the past and never were able to get results.  With Marcin we can clearly see the improvement and he goes above and beyond the regular scope of work.
    Rajiv Shah
    Właściciel Mojamiska.pl
  • karolina sofronieva1 102x102 1
    I have been cooperating with Marcin for 5 years. Thanks to an open mind and extensive knowledge in internet marketing, we were able to jointly achieve business goals in one of the most difficult thematic categories of SEO in Bulgaria and Romania.

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Nasze projekty SEO na świecie, SEO w 26 krajach Europy, Azji, Ameryki Południowej i Północnej

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Frequently Asked Questions in the digital marketing

SEO is a service that requires patience. The first visible effects appear after two or three months. Visible results we can achieve after nine or twelve months of work on website optimization. The effects very much depend on the individual characteristics of the project, such as the initial state of the website and domain, and the level of competitiveness of a given category.

A question that is often asked is about the sense of using brand words in a Google Ads campaign. Presence for brand inquiries makes a lot of sense when our competitors display their advertisements on our brand words. Our presence in Google mobile results is particularly important, where the exposure of organic results is extremely low relating to the exposure of Google Ads.

Missing or misconfigured website analysts, like Google Analytics, can cause large business losses. Without knowing what sources of website traffic generate transactions, inquiries, we can make wrong decisions about investing in individual marketing channels.

CRM and Marketing Automation is a part of marketing that participates in all stages of the User Journey. Data about our clients, i.e., CRM, and the correct management of marketing communication through automated processes in Marketing Automation is a guarantee that the acquired clients will stay with us for a long time. Their lifetime value will be many times higher, which will cover the high costs of their acquisition.

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Are you looking for knowledge? You've come to the right place!

For many years, I have been visible as a blogger, lecturer, trainer, author of publications and books. Below you will find articles around SEO, Analytics, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing and CRM.

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